MOT’s Poole

Is the MOT on your vehicle due to run out? Do you need a reliable and efficient MOT that covers all the bases? With over 30 years of experience in the industry, S & H Motors has ensured our customer’s vehicles in Poole have passed the MOT and were safe to drive on the roads. As a company we believe in providing our customers with the best and most in-depth MOT’s. Poole is where our company is based and we have provided great MOT’s for customers in Poole for years.

About the MOT process

MOT’s Poole

If your car is over three years old, it is a legal requirement that your car is tested annually for the MOT. A MOT is an in-depth test of your vehicle to ensure that it meets the safety criteria which determine whether your vehicle is fit to drive and roadworthy. If you fail to have a valid MOT on your car, your insurance and road tax will become void.

As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the MOT on your vehicle is kept up to date. Otherwise there could be larger legal and safety repercussions. You can book an MOT test for your vehicle up to a month before the MOT expires.

Why choose S & H Motors for MOT’s in Poole?

Firstly, S & H Motors has years of experience in delivering high quality MOT’s for a wide range of vehicles in Poole. By selecting our garage services, you can be assured that we will ensure that your car is fit to drive for another year. Additionally, our mechanics will inform of any underlying problems with your vehicle not covered in the MOT and the steps you need to remedy the situation. While the MOT is carried out on your vehicle, you can wait in our luxurious waiting room which is great for relaxation.

Another benefit of choosing our company is that we carry out MOT testing on all types of cars and models. At S & H Motors, we specialise in Italian cars and are able to test a huge range of models and brands.

In the unfortunate event that your car fails the MOT, do not despair as we will not charge for a retest for two weeks after the initial MOT test.

  • Professional team
  • Years of experience
  • Most advanced & trustworthy equipment on the market

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