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Is your car due its next MOT inspection? Do you seek the services of a vehicle garage in Poole? Then look no further than S&H Motors for quality vehicle services, from MOTs and servicing to vehicle repairs. We look after all aspects of our customers’ cars, motorcycles, and vans, from the engine to the suspension and tyres. Without an MOT, you won’t be legally permitted to drive your car on a public road. 

So, it’s essential that you ensure your MOT is kept up to date, Poole motorists. MOTs are just one of many services we provide, so if your car requires work on the tyres, headlights, seatbelts, or any other element, we’ve got you covered. To get started, call us now on 01202 680660

Why Do I Need MOT? 

MOT Poole

MOTs, Poole motorists, are a legal requirement for any car, motorcycle, van, etc., that’s three years or older. Some classic vehicles are exempt by age, though most vehicles must undergo an annual garage inspection. The purpose of an MOT inspection is to ensure that the engine, brakes, tyres, etc., all meet the minimum safety level required by law. Without an up-to-date certificate, you will not be permitted to legally drive your car on a public road. 

Recent advancements in the computerisation of the MOT testing system by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) mean that MOT status can be automatically checked by police and mobile camera units. Your tax will be void if your vehicle’s MOT certificate is not current. You’ll face a fine if caught, and if involved in an accident, any insurance claim will be affected. 

A new MOT certificate must be issued every 12 months – make sure that your car is legally certified to be on the road by contacting our Poole garage. 

How Much Is A MOT?  

A standard MOT at S&H Motors costs just £36 (MOTs previously cost £48). Plus, if you own a FIAT 500, a car MOT will cost just £18 if you have your car serviced with us. When booking your MOT with our Poole garage, simply quote the code ‘007’ over the phone to receive the reduced price. 

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    What’s Included with My MOT Check?  

    An MOT inspection follows a comprehensive checklist, and a car must satisfy these checks in order for it to receive a pass. Our Poole MOT specialists follow this checklist to the letter, inspecting the following elements of the car: 

    • Lamps, Reflectors, and Electrical Equipment 
    • Steering and Suspension 
    • Brakes 
    • Tyres and Road Wheels 
    • Seatbelts 
    • Body, Structure, and General Items 
    • Exhaust, Fuel, and Emissions 
    • Driver’s View of the Road 

    Tyres, in particular, are an essential safety requirement – 10% of all MOT faults are related to tyres. For tyres to be certified as safe, they must be of an appropriate load rating and speed for your vehicle. The tyres must be void of imperfections and have a minimum tread depth. 

    This is just one example of how our Poole team look at the intricate details of each element, evaluating the level of safety to determine whether the car would be safe to drive on the road. 

    The Benefits of Choosing S&H Motors  

    From MOTs to servicing, from vehicle repairs to replacement tyres and clutches, if you were looking for a garage that offers the best range of car services, look no further than S&H Motors. Our Poole specialists can set you up with a courtesy vehicle, provide free inspections for your brakes, diagnostics at half the cost of main dealers, and more than 30 years of experience. 

    All our work, from replacement tyres to vehicle repairs, is fully guaranteed for 12 months. We cater to a wide range of makes and models, including BMW, Porsche, Peugeot, Vauxhall, and Audi. We’ve worked with so many customers, our services have received countless plaudits. You can view this feedback for yourself by clicking on our Checkatrade profile. 

    Whether you’re looking to have your tyres replaced, a few dents fixed, the electrical systems restored, etc., you can trust that our Poole mechanics will exceed your expectations. 

    Do I Need A MOT Or a Service?  

    A car service and an MOT might sound like they are one and the same thing, but they differ greatly. While an MOT focuses on the safety of the vehicle’s tyres, engines, bodywork, and other interior and exterior elements, it only covers the basic elements. In short, an MOT simply ensures that your car meets the minimum safety requirements to be out on a public road. 

    A vehicle service, on the other hand, goes into a lot more detail, getting right down to the nuts and bolts. It is not a legal requirement but is highly recommended. That’s because a vehicle servicing looks at the performance of the vehicle, the efficiency of the tyres, brakes, engine, filters, etc. It also looks at ways to optimise this performance, reducing fuel costs and making the vehicle far more efficient. 

    Regular vehicle servicing also helps to identify any underlying problems. These problems, if corrected early, won’t cause further complications. If left unchecked, they could incapacitate the vehicle and prove very costly to put right.  

    So, if you need to satisfy the legal safety requirements of your vehicle, you’ll want to book an MOT, Poole customers. If you wish to improve performance, reduce costs, and spare yourself expensive repairs, you’ll want to book a car service. A standard service covers a range of areas, including: 

    • Brakes 
    • Tyres 
    • Steering 
    • Filters 
    • Wipers 
    • Lights 
    • Suspension 

    Services We Offer  

    In addition to MOTs, our Poole garage also provides a wide range of other car services, including:  

    For more information about any of our car services, call our Poole garage now. 


    From replacing tyres of fixing suspensions, from vehicle repairs to servicing and MOTs, our Poole garage provides a range of services. If you still have questions, you’ll find many answers listed on our FAQs page. 

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    If you require an MOT performing on your car and live in the Poole area, look no further than S&H Motors. As an officially recognised MOT Testing Station, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. We perform MOTs on all makes and models, though we specialise in Italian cars. Our MOTs are extensive and cover all the necessary vehicle safety checks, including seatbelts, the engine, brakes, tyres, etc. 

    Our Poole MOTs will ensure that all aspects of your car, including your tyres, are fully functional. To request more information or book an MOT, call our garage on 01202 680660, fill out our contact form or email [email protected]