MOT Garage Poole  

Is your vehicle due for its next MOT inspection? Do you live in Poole? Then you’re in luck as you have access to one of the oldest and most trusted garages in Poole – S&H Motors. We offer a comprehensive array of reliable, competitively priced services performed by fully trained mechanics. We accept cars, vans, motorcycles, etc., so if your vehicle needs any sort of attention, make sure to bring it to us. 

An MOT inspection is mandatory, and your vehicle must display an up-to-date certificate. With S&H Motors, you can book your next test early, so your new certificate is ready to go when your old one expires. And as a fully registered MOT Testing Station, you can be confident in our capabilities. To get in touch with S&H Motors to book your vehicle’s next MOT inspection, phone our garage today on 01202 680660. We’ll get you scheduled in pronto! 

The Number One MOT Garage Poole Company  

If you’re seeking the services of a reputable team of mechanics in Poole, your search is over now you’ve happened upon S&H Motors. We’re an independent Italian car specialist that’s been operating since 1986. Despite this specialisation, we accept all makes and models and are an officially registered MOT Testing Station. Whether you’re rocking up in a Ford Fiesta or a luxury Ferrari, you can count on us to provide a bespoke service from start to finish. Plus, all our work is fully guaranteed for 12 months. 

Our team of mechanics possess many years of combined experience. They can quickly diagnose and correct faults, optimise vehicle performance, switch out parts and components, service your vehicle, and more. And with our in-house MOT testing capabilities, we can make sure your vehicle is 100% road legal. We’re just a phone call away, so if your MOT certificate is due to expire soon, give us a call right away! 

Benefits of Our MOT Garage Services   

Now that we’ve introduced our services allow us to explain in more detail what we can do for you and the benefits of utilising our garage services. A key benefit of using S&H Motors is that we are an officially registered MOT Testing Station. This means that we follow the legally recognised criteria for conducting MOT inspections. If your vehicle passes, you’ll know that it’s road legal. If it does not, we’ll always notify you of why it’s failed and what work needs to be carried out to remedy the situation. 

Of course, an MOT only goes so far, and there’s where a vehicle servicing is needed. Another benefit of choosing S&H Motors is that we provide excellent rates on any standard servicing. For a very competitive fee, we’ll give your car a complete once over, checking key areas, including: 







Our Poole mechanics will also check spark plugs and filters (we’ll replace any worn filters) and top up your vehicle’s oil and water. But the key takeaway here is that our approach optimises vehicle performance and addresses any potential underlying issues before they become more serious. We also offer honest and impartial advice on how to maintain the health of your vehicle moving forward. 

Currently, at S&H Motors, all our MOTs cost just £36! And if you bring a Fiat 500 to us to be serviced, your MOT will cost just £18. This includes a re-test if your vehicle fails the first time at no extra cost.  

And remember that our MOT service is available for all makes and models. We can perform an MOT up to one month before your current certificate expires. If you’d like, we can send you a handy reminder when your next MOT is due, so you can make sure you get your car booked in with plenty of time to spare. 

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    Other Services  

    In addition to being an officially registered MOT Testing Station, at our Poole garage, we also carry out other services, such as: 

    • Brake Repairs  
    • Car Air Conditioning Servicing  
    • Fiat 500 Services  
    • Alfa Romeo Services  
    • Servicing  

    Besides the above, we’re also the go-to garage if you require a clutch inspection, repair, or replacement service. Plus, we carry out diagnostics for half the price of main dealers. Diagnostics are important nowadays as most modern vehicles are heavily dependent on onboard computers to run. 

    Bournemouth auto service

    Van Servicing  

    One of the many other services that we provide here at S&H Motors is van servicing. As with car servicing, this isn’t a legal requirement, but it is highly recommended. This is because a servicing goes deeper, looking at vehicle performance and highlighting any potential underlying issues. We can address faults before they become serious, costly issues. And we can optimise vehicle performance, saving you money on fuel. 

    A van servicing ensures your van is safe to drive, and any issues that could lead to an MOT failure can be easily dealt with by us. This makes a van servicing a great investment if you know your MOT inspection is coming up. So, if your vehicle hasn’t been serviced in a while, we recommend booking your vehicle in with our garage at your earliest convenience. 

    MOT and Service Experts You Can Rely on  

    We know that it can often be difficult to know who to entrust your vehicle to. There are many unscrupulous individuals out there looking to make a dishonest profit. They’ll often diagnose a fault that doesn’t exist or create extra work that doesn’t need carrying out. You never know whether the price you’re being charged is fair and honest. And often, the work itself is shoddy and potentially unsafe. 

    But with S&H Motors, you’ll never have to worry about such concerns. We boast a team of MOT and service experts you can always rely on. We’re always straight with you regarding what needs doing and why. We’ll never invent work or drive-up costs to make a quick buck. And we’ll always explain any costs to you, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. 

    And if you’re ever unhappy about what we’re charging, we’ll never pressure you into working with us. At S&H Motors, we’re committed to providing honest, affordable services. 

    Why Choose S & H Motors for Our MOT Garage Poole  

    An MOT inspection is something no vehicle owner should ever forget to do, so when you’re finding a trusted garage to provide this necessary service, look no further than S&H Motors. We recommend giving us a call as you’ll soon discover that we offer a fantastic range of vehicle services. We’re a top-rated business with more than three decades of experience behind us. 

    Over the last 30+ years, we’ve remained committed to taking the business from strength to strength. Today, this has enabled us to cater to the needs of all our customers. The proof is in our impressive workmanship, along with the myriad of kind testimonials we’ve received from satisfied customers. Many of those who’ve used our garage wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us to friends and family. 

    You can find even more excellent feedback by clicking on our Checkatrade profile. Such feedback showcases the outstanding quality of our services and why we’re consistently the top choice for motorists in Poole. Hopefully, our near-perfect rating should provide the assurance you need to contact us. Just remember that we offer FREE, no-obligation quotes, so there’s no risk in enquiring. 

    Plus, with S&H Motors, you get: 

    • Free Brake Inspections  
    • Courtesy Cars  
    • Diagnostics – Half the Cost of the Main Dealers  
    • 12-Month Guarantee on All Work  


    We value customer feedback and attribute much of our success to the kind words spoken by our amazing customers. If you’re looking for a reliable, trusted Poole garage and are on the fence, hopefully, you’ll be swayed by our testimonials. 

    Contact Us Now

    If you drive and currently own a vehicle that’s three years or older and not exempt by age, you’ll need make sure you’re keeping up to date with your vehicle’s MOT inspections. It should now be obvious where to go for an MOT in Poole – S&H Motors. Here at S&H Motors, we’ve been carrying out MOTs, services, repairs, and more on vehicles since our inception in 1986. 

    If you’ve just purchased a car from your local dealer and it’s three years or older, an MOT inspection is necessary to ensure your car can be legally driven on public roads. It’s important that you don’t let your current certificate expire, so make sure you set a reminder to schedule your next MOT inspection. The quickest and easiest way is to phone S&H Motors on 01202 680660. You can also get in touch by completing our online contact form or emailing [email protected]