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Are you looking to book your next cat MOT and service, Poole customers? Then look no further than S&H Motors – the local garage of choice for car servicing, MOTs, repairs, and more. We provide a fantastic range of reliable, affordable services carried out by highly trained vehicle specialists. Whether your car is brand-new or has clocked some serious mileage, we can ensure you get the best performance for longer. If you would like to enquire about any of our services, you need only get in touch. 

To best way to request an MOT, repairs, car servicing, etc., is to pick up the phone and call S&H Motors today on 01202 680660. And if you’re the proud owner of a Fiat or Alfa Romeo, you’ll definitely want to bring your car to us. That’s because we’re the leading Italian car specialist in Poole. But even if you’re car is of a different make and model, you’ll find us to be a most accommodating option for vehicle servicing, MOTs, and repairs. 

The Number One MOT and Services Poole Company  

Here at S&H Motors, we’re easily one of the most trusted and reputable car garages in the Poole area. We’ve been operating for over the years now, and while we specialise in Italian makes and models, our range of services are open to all makes and models. So, whether you’re driving a beat-up old Nissan or a top-of-the-line Porsche or Mercedes-Benz, if your car needs servicing or is due an MOT, we welcome you along to our garage. We provide comprehensive car servicing, are an officially recognised MOT testing station, and all our work is fully guaranteed for 12 months. 

Plus, you’ll have the assurance that your car is in safe and capable hands as our technicians have many years of experience between them. Taking care of your vehicle is essential to ensure a long and productive service life. If you neglect your car, it’ll be more prone to breaking down. And if you miss your MOT, the consequences will be far worse. But with S&H Motors just a phone call away, you can trust that we’ll look after your car, ensuring optimal performance and that it remains legal to operate on public roads. 

MOT and Service Experts  

When you come to S&H Motors, you’ll always be dealing with the best MOT and service experts in Poole. Our mechanics know their way around every make and model, so whether you drive a Peugeot, Vauxhall, BMW, etc., you can trust in our capabilities. And if you’re the proud owner of a Fiat or Alfa Romeo, we invite you to bring your car to us. We’re a recognised Italian car specialist, and our knowledge of Italian vehicles is unmatched. For truly stellar service, you know who to get in touch with. And remember, you can view our near-perfect ratings by clicking on our Checkatrade profile. 

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    Benefits of Our MOT and Service  

    There are many benefits to requesting S&H Motors to perform an MOT and service on your car. Servicing, while not a legal requirement, ensures that your vehicle is operating at peak performance. While an MOT only ensures that your car is safe to drive, servicing goes into more detail. We right down to the nuts and bolts, optimising your car’s performance and flagging any issues that could cause serious problems if left unchecked. A standard servicing should be performed once every 12 months. A benefit of this service is that it covers a range of areas, including: 







    We even check parts like the spark plugs as well as all the various filters, and we’ll even replace the oil and top up the water. Plus, another benefit is that we provide you with honest and impartial advice on how to prolong the life of your car. 

    Conversely, an MOT is a legal requirement for any vehicle that’s three years or older or not exempt by age. While not as in-depth as a service, it entails a checklist of tests that a vehicle must pass to be certified useable on public roads. At S&H Motors, we have a special offer available with all MOTs costing just £36! And if you drive a Fiat 500 and get it serviced, your MOT will cost just £18, including a FREE re-test if your vehicle does not pass first-time. 

    We provide MOTs and servicing for all makes and models and boast years of experience, promising a reliable service. We can send you a reminder when your MOT is due, and you can book the next inspection up to a month before your current certificate expires. And with courtesy cars available, you don’t even need to wait around while we have your car. 

    So, as you can see, there are plenty of benefits to utilising us for your MOT and service, Poole customers. 

    Why Choose S&H Motors for Our MOT and Service, Poole Customers?  

    When it comes to choosing the right Poole garage, you might still be weighing your options, trying to decide which garage offers the best service overall. Well, we encourage you to consider S&H Motors, as we offer a wide range of vehicle services and are a highly rated business with over 30 years of operational experience.  

    We have worked tirelessly to garner the reputation we now enjoy, providing customers with an outstanding degree of workmanship and professional service that’s earned us plenty of recognition over on Checkatrade. You need only click on this site to see for yourself the many glowing reviews left for us by customers who’ve utilised our garage in the past. Hopefully, our near-perfect rating should give you the assurance you need to contact us. 

    MOT and Service Poole

    And if you’re still on the fence, don’t worry about us pressuring you into using us. You’re free to enquire and can even request a FREE, no-obligation quotation. If you wish to shop elsewhere, you risk nothing by getting in touch with us. Remember that with S&H Motors, you get many benefits, including: 

    Free Brake Inspections

    Diagnostics – Half the Cost of the Main Dealers

    Courtesy Cars

    12-Month Guarantee on All Work

    Perhaps you’d like to read a little more about what our Poole garage has to offer? Keep reading to learn about some of the other services we offer. 

    Other Services  

    Besides being the go-to option for MOTs and general servicing, here at our Poole garage, we also provide a wide range of other services, including: 

    car repairs bournemouth

    We also provide a full clutch inspection, repair, and replacement service, so if yours is worn, make sure you speak to us. And as most cars are run by onboard computers nowadays, diagnostics are often needed to diagnose electrical malfunctions. While these diagnostics would cost you a fortune elsewhere, we offer them at half the price of main dealers. 

    Auto Service  

    An auto service is the best way of keeping your vehicle operating at peak levels for longer. As time goes on and you make use of your vehicle, faults can develop. These faults are often unseen at first but soon develop into more serious problems. By this point, the problem becomes costly to put right and could even put your vehicle out of action. An auto service, Poole customers, spots these underlying issues and remedies them sooner before they become a major fault. An auto service also optimises your vehicle’s performance, increasing its reliability and making it more affordable to run. 

    For instance, if you’ve noticed your fuel bills increasing, this could be an indicator of reduced fuel efficiency. An auto service will help us root out this problem, making your car as fuel-efficient as it was the day you purchased it, maybe more so. And an auto service helps in other areas too, such as reducing fuel emissions and even improving overall vehicle safety. 

    Brake Repairs 

    Brakes are easily the most important safety feature as they are necessary for bringing the vehicle to a stop. If the brakes are worn, this can greatly decrease your stopping distance and might even prevent the vehicle from stopping at all. If you suspect that our brakes might need fixing, you’re encouraged to get in touch with S&H Motors as soon as possible. Remember that, here at our Poole garage, we offer FREE brake inspections, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

    If you’re unsure as to what signs to look out for, take note of the following: 

    • Squeak or Grinding Noise when Applying Pressure to the Brakes 
    • Juddering 
    • Tracking Left or Right When Using the Brakes 
    • Reduced Efficiency 
    • Difficulty Braking 
    • Rear Wheels Lock When Braking 

    If any of these issues present, bring your car along to our Poole garage, as we can repair and replace brake pads to full braking systems. We’ll quickly identify the cause of the problem and recommend the most appropriate fix. We carry out a full inspection, making sure the full extent of the problem has been mapped. We possess an in-house rolling road system, so once new brakes have been fitted or the current ones have been fixed, we’ll be able to test their performance without putting you or anyone else at risk. 

    Car Air Conditioning Service  

    The air conditioning system might not seem like a critical system as it really isn’t. For this reason, many vehicle owners simply choose to ignore it when it fails or needs re-gassing. The truth of the matter is that you’ve essentially paid for this system, so you may as well use it. Plus, air conditioning is a very efficient way of keeping cool, especially on hot summer days when the air is stagnant, and there isn’t a cool breeze to be found for miles. It’s also a great way of keeping warm, especially in the winter when ordinary blowers just simply won’t cut it. 

    Our car air conditioning service, Poole customers, will see your air conditioning system working at peak levels. Besides making the system more reliable, this can actually save you money on fuel and repairs, so there really is a good reason to get your air conditioning looked at. 

    Fiat 500 Service  

    We’ve mentioned that we’re one of the top Italian car specialists in Poole, so if you own a Fiat 500 and are looking to have it serviced, don’t hesitate to get it booked in at our garage. Remember that when you have a FULL service carried out on your Fiat 500, your next MOT will cost you just £18 (MOTs previously cost £48). And that includes a free re-test if your car fails the first time. As part of our Fiat 500 service, we can also offer diagnostics and have access to specialist Fiat diagnostic tools. 

    Alfa Romeo Service  

    As mentioned above, we’re one of the finest Italian car specialists in all of Poole, so if you happen to own an Alfa Romeo, you’re in luck. Our Alfa Romeo customers can enjoy the excellent benefits that come with owning this vehicle, including a special offer on MOTs where we’re currently charging just £36, down from £48. As with Fiat models, we have access to specialist diagnostic tools, and our team possess a keen understanding of what makes Alfa Romeos tick. So, when you bring your Alfa Romeo to our Poole garage, you can expect first-class service from the get-go. 

    Van Servicing  

    We’ve discussed cars at great length in this article, so you’re probably wondering whether we tackle any other vehicles. The short answer is yes; we most certainly do! For one, we accept motorcycles, so if you’re looking to get your motorcycle serviced or have its MOT certificate updated, we encourage you to ring and make an important at your earliest convenience. 

    But our expertise doesn’t stop there as we also provide van servicing too. Whether you drive a small van or a larger transit, you’ll find that we have you covered here at S&H Motors. Vans, just like cars, need an up-to-date MOT certificate. Plus, regular servicing is important for keeping repair costs down while maintaining efficiency and performance. If your van is due a servicing, give us a call now to schedule it in. 


    If you’re looking to book your vehicle in for its MOT or are looking to request car servicing or repairs, you might be weighing your options. Before you make your decision, we recommend checking out our testimonials. Our customer feedback should convince you that we’re the best car garage in Poole. 

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    Contact Us Today

    It should be apparent by now that if your vehicle is due for its next MOT inspection or needs servicing, the MOT and service specialist to call in Poole is S&H Motors. We’ve been completing MOTs, services, and repairs on cars for many, many years now. Whether your car is brand-new or has a decent amount of mileage on it, it’s always advisable to keep it in tip-top condition. And that’s where our excellent range of services come in. If you’ve like to book your car servicing, schedule your next MOT, or request urgent repairs, you need only get in touch. 

    The most direct way to get in touch with our Poole garage is to phone us on 01202 680660, and one of our friendly team members will assist you any way they can. You can also get in touch using a written method by filling out our online contact form or emailing [email protected]