Brake Replacement Poole

Do the brakes in your car make an unhealthy sound when you use them? Are they less efficient than they used to be? Have you noticed them judder when you’ve applied pressure to them recently? If so, then they’re likely to be damaged, and brake replacement Poole specialists S & H Motors can help. Call us today on 01202 680660 to book your car in for its FREE no obligation brake inspection.

Poole Brake Replacement Services

Here at S & H Motors, we offer a range of services such as brake replacement in Poole.

Working brakes are essential to all car owners. Perhaps one of the most important services we offer is brake replacement. Poole customers who have required this service before have described their experience with us as ‘second to none’, ‘exemplary’ and ‘refreshing’. So, if you’re having problems with your brakes, bring your vehicle to S & H Motors, where you’ll be able to trust that it’s in safe hands.

There are several possible indicators that a vehicle might require brake replacement. Poole specialists at S & H Motors suggest you seek advice if you have noticed any of the following symptoms while driving:

Squeak/Grinding Noise when Applying Pressure


Tracking Left or Right when Using the Brakes

Loss of Efficiency

Braking Difficulty

Rear Wheels Locking when Braking

If you’re experiencing any of these problems and you’re in Poole, brake replacement services can be provided by S & H Motors, so reach out to us for help.

How Our Brake Replacement Service Works

The first step in the process of brake replacement in Poole’s S & H Motors garage is to identify the problem and cause. A full inspection will be required to ensure that there are no complications or unforeseen issues. Safety will always come first when you choose us for your vehicle needs. We are perfectly happy to go the extra mile to make sure that your vehicle is in top condition.

Once we have located the braking issue, we will work out the most cost effective and efficient way to fix the damage. When a vehicle is brought in to S & H Motors with brake problems, there can be a number of possible outcomes. The solution is not always brake replacement. Poole specialists such as us may decide that the brakes can in fact be repaired. We are always looking to keep prices as low as possible for our customers, while still guaranteeing top quality service.

We at S & H Motors are confident that, no matter what the issue with your vehicle’s brakes, we will be able to resolve it as efficiently as possible. For our experienced team in Poole, brake replacement is an area of real expertise.

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    About Us

    We are independent Italian car specialists with over 30 years of experience working with Italian cars. We offer a wide variety of services including clutch repairs, MOT services and diagnostics as well as brake replacement in Poole. We are comprised of a highly qualified team of technicians and we pride ourselves on our welcoming and efficient customer service.

    Our services come at a fee that represent excellent value for money, and this includes our brake replacement. Poole customers know that they can trust us to price our services fairly and competitively. As a result, more than half of our trade comes from past customers or people who have been recommended to us by friends. Feel free to check out our MOT in Poole, Our MOT Garage and our MOT servicing in Poole

    If you require the best brake replacement Poole has to offer, then S & H Motors is the company to choose.

    Brake Replacement Poole

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