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Are you looking for a company that delivers highly competitive rates for Bournemouth car servicing? Then you have come to the right place. Here at S&H Motors, we combine high-quality customer service with expertise to deliver the best car servicing Bournemouth has to offer. Give us a call on 01202 680660 to talk to one of our experienced mechanics and book your car in for a service today.

Introducing our car servicing in Bournemouth

Many people don’t realise that an MOT only covers the basics when it comes to the inspection of your vehicle. The government only requires the checking of essential parts such as significant safety features, leaving much of your car left unchecked.

When your car starts to make funny noises, doesn’t start reliably or warning lights keep switching on and off, it’s time to book your car in with our Bournemouth car servicing team.

We’ll make sure that your car is running cleanly, more efficiently, and in some cases faster, by the time our car servicing Bournemouth team have finished with it.  You’ll find that your fuel economy can increase, your breaking can be smoother, and that annoying loose wheel bearing has stopped clattering!

What can you expect from the best car servicing Bournemouth has seen?

We have been providing highly competitive Bournemouth car servicing since 1986. We started off by specialising in Italian cars, but over the last 30 years, we have built up a solid team of highly qualified and knowledgeable mechanics and now proudly offer MOT and car servicing in Bournemouth for a variety of makes including but not limited to:





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    From a basic service to the full works, we’ll cater our Bournemouth car servicing to your budget. During the service, we’ll assess the condition of the following major parts as standard:

    • Tyres
    • Steering
    • Suspension
    • Wipers
    • Lights

    We’ll also take a look at the spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filters and oil replacement.

    If you have a specific complaint, such as the car not starting reliably, we’ll make sure that we look at all possible causes so your vehicle is returned in full working order.

    We’re more than happy to speak to you about maintaining some car parts yourself, which could save you money in the future. For example, we’ll show you how you can easily top-up your engine oil and other fluids yourself.

    After our Bournemouth car servicing team have carried out all necessary work, we’ll provide you with a written rundown of all the work that we’ve completed so you know exactly what you’ve paid for.

    Bournemouth Car Service

    What are the benefits of choosing S&H Motors for your car service?

    When you choose S&H Motors for your car servicing in Bournemouth, you can expect a highly professional service from start to finish. We provide a ‘while you wait service’, where you can enjoy a coffee in our waiting area while our mechanics tend to your car. We also have a number of courtesy cars available, which means you can go about your day as normal, even when your car is in the garage.

    We’ll ensure that your car is serviced by the promised time so you can plan your day accordingly.

    All the replacements parts that we have in stock are sourced from reliable suppliers renowned for quality.

    Our mechanics are also more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding your car servicing in Bournemouth, to ensure that you have complete confidence in the work that we’re carrying out.

    As your local, reliable car garage, when you choose S&H Motors for your Bournemouth car servicing, you’ll benefit from:

    • Free brake inspections
    • 30 years’ experience
    • Diagnostic inspections that cost half as much as main dealers
    • All work guaranteed for 12 months

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    If you’re looking for a company that is renowned for supplying the most reliable Bournemouth car servicing, look no further than S&H Motors. Contact our team today by calling 01202 680660 or use our online contact form.